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Welcome…this is becoming a Collective for Writers who have been diagnosed with BPD and would like to take an experimental try at Poetry Therapy.

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💚 ~Attie

When does it end?

This feeling of spinning, spiraling down, and out of control is going to get me. Chew me up and swallow me whole. I don’t know why I feel so alone, but maybe it’s because everyone is more important. I can’t even be a runner-up. I’m your last thought and you dread me, and that fact always seems to hit me like a wallop. Still you blame me. Say it’s me who doesn’t care. The truth is I care… too much. Enough. Time to stop. I’ve given more than I’ve ever got and I know I need a new road to travel home on.

Anyone out there know this feeling? Forgotten. I can admit some of this my brain makes up, but just to fill in the blanks he leaves. I love you all. ❤️~Attie

Someone might have saved me this week. I find friends in the best people, cause they remind me so much of me. Grateful for the friends I’ve made lately that truly support me…you know who you are. 😉🤫🤭

Get Along

If I’m being honest, right now…it almost physically hurts the structure of my veins to write. It’s like I’ve constricted them to hold everything in and now I’m having to suffer the ache of them so long, being bound tight.

There’s really nowhere else for the tears to go. I didn’t think there was another row, but officially this is the bottom.

I don’t want to hold that type of aggression anymore. I know if I don’t soon stop I’ll be on my knees right beside my emotions in the floor.

Funny how when it’s your low, you don’t see it approaching. Almost like a stop sign on an unfamiliar back road with a dense fog encroaching.

The rush of correction, not going over the other side’s embankment allows you to suck it up, straighten the heading, choose a better verb, admit complaisance.

Careening is too real. I’d rather just be riding coasters alone. Simply done sharing my anguish. It’s just something I can no longer condone.

What I say is what I get and I’m done with all that I’ve denied. It’s about time my head and heart got on the same page, to just let us… well me and I, peacefully coincide.


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