When does it end?

This feeling of spinning, spiraling down, and out of control is going to get me. Chew me up and swallow me whole. I don’t know why I feel so alone, but maybe it’s because everyone is more important. I can’t even be a runner-up. I’m your last thought and you dread me, and that fact always seems to hit me like a wallop. Still you blame me. Say it’s me who doesn’t care. The truth is I care… too much. Enough. Time to stop. I’ve given more than I’ve ever got and I know I need a new road to travel home on.

Anyone out there know this feeling? Forgotten. I can admit some of this my brain makes up, but just to fill in the blanks he leaves. I love you all. ❤️~Attie

Someone might have saved me this week. I find friends in the best people, cause they remind me so much of me. Grateful for the friends I’ve made lately that truly support me…you know who you are. 😉🤫🤭

Published by ataliep33

I am a mother first, but without these words I spill, I cannot breathe. I am me in my words. No matter who you think I am or what truths you choose to believe. Getting out what I keep inside produces my oxygen, which keeps me alive. If you read these thoughts of mine, please do so with a little rhyme, because while I may seem remedial and soft spoken my heart is one that will never again be broken.

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