If only I could appreciate the steps I need to take,and just enjoy them. Get off my toes… JUST Jump! All in, maybe then I wouldn’t be stuck in my own sadness again.
Tiptoeing was ingrained in me. 

I knew how to be there without being there actually.

My gait became a series of advances that might have taken me down,

had you not been there to pull me out.

Made me see that I'm not really alone.

It was just that I had turned my heart into a drop zone.

Allowed others to make me me cold.

Now I'm stomping, don't care who knows.

These steps will take me anywhere I care to go.

As long as I don't slow myself down,

trying to hide from heartache.

I'll always keep stepping up, and I'll never let them see me drown.


Published by ataliep33

I am a mother first, but without these words I spill, I cannot breathe. I am me in my words. No matter who you think I am or what truths you choose to believe. Getting out what I keep inside produces my oxygen, which keeps me alive. If you read these thoughts of mine, please do so with a little rhyme, because while I may seem remedial and soft spoken my heart is one that will never again be broken.

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