What is a BPD Writer?

A beautiful soul, diagnosed with BPD Borderline Personality Disorder, who makes a conscious choice daily to strive toward living their best life despite the never ending rollercoasters they must ride.

Here I hope to bring together and provide some relief for myself and others like me who feel they do or could benefit from Writing Therapy.

I’d like to give you a shoulder, a boost, and most of all a friend on those days when you can’t shake the feeling that no one in the world could ever possibly love you.

Please contact me.

I will work to response to all within 24 hours. The market research is that there are more of us out there than we could begin to believe.

🎢 Atalie

Published by ataliep33

I am a mother first, but without these words I spill, I cannot breathe. I am me in my words. No matter who you think I am or what truths you choose to believe. Getting out what I keep inside produces my oxygen, which keeps me alive. If you read these thoughts of mine, please do so with a little rhyme, because while I may seem remedial and soft spoken my heart is one that will never again be broken.

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