Hello world!

Welcome…this is becoming a Collective for Writers who have been diagnosed with BPD and would like to take an experimental try at Poetry Therapy.

Interested to know more? Email me, Attie! ataliep33@outlook.com OR atalie@bpdwriters.com

Check out my Instagram Poetry!

Share with me any favorites please for discussions and chances to win one of the many soon to come GIVEAWAYS!

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More to come soon…

💚 ~Attie

Published by ataliep33

I am a mother first, but without these words I spill, I cannot breathe. I am me in my words. No matter who you think I am or what truths you choose to believe. Getting out what I keep inside produces my oxygen, which keeps me alive. If you read these thoughts of mine, please do so with a little rhyme, because while I may seem remedial and soft spoken my heart is one that will never again be broken.

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